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"localhost:8000" is a network address that refers to the computer you are currently using. Specifically, it refers to the loopback interface, which is a special network interface that allows a computer to communicate with itself using IP networking. When you use "localhost" as the hostname in a URL, you are telling your web browser to connect to the web server running on your own machine.

The port number 8000 is simply an identifier that specifies which application or service on the computer to connect to. In this case, it's likely that you have a web server running on your machine that is configured to listen on port 8000 for incoming HTTP requests. This could be a server that you've installed yourself, or it could be a default server that comes bundled with your operating system or development environment.

In general, when you run a web application or server on your local machine, you use "localhost" as the hostname and a specific port number to access it in your web browser. This allows you to test and develop your application without needing to deploy it to a public server.

Which apps using 8000 port?

Port 8000 is a commonly used port for web servers and web applications. Many different applications and services may use this port, but here are a few examples:

  1. Django: The default port for the Django web framework is 8000. When you start a Django development server with the "manage.py runserver" command, it will listen on port 8000 by default.

  2. Python SimpleHTTPServer: This is a simple web server that comes bundled with Python. When you run it with the command "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000", it will start a web server that listens on port 8000.

  3. Node.js: The default port for Node.js applications is 3000, but some developers may choose to use port 8000 instead. If you're running a Node.js application, you can check the port it's using by looking at the code or configuration files.

  4. Some development tools and IDEs also use port 8000 for web-based interfaces, such as the WebStorm IDE or the Flask debugging toolbar.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list, and many other applications and services may use port 8000 as well. If you're unsure which application is using the port on your machine, you can use the "netstat" command or a similar tool to check for open network connections.

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