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Localhost/wordpress/wp-admin is WordPress's local administration panel address. You can access to wp admin folder from http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ url address.

What is /wp-Admin/

By default, WordPress's manamagent panel is "/wp-admin". While many users do not know how to change this address, it can become the target of malicious people. Although it is easy to change this address by hand, it may seem like a very difficult job for someone who is novice in this regard. That's where the Lockdown WP Admin plugin comes in. It allows you to change your admin panel address in very simple steps.
After we have passed the installation steps of the plug-in, we are logging in to the plug-in page in the menu on the left. We mark the box that says "Yes, please hide WP Admin from the user when they are logged in" on this page, and then we write the extension you want to change in the input field below. Once you've saved changes made, you can now access the administration panel using the extension you have changed

How to change the WordPress admin panel access path?

WordPress is one of the most used management systems in the world. We need to be more careful about security vulnerabilities. We need to do a lot of things in order to take security measures. Some of them are "WordPress admin panel change path" process. Most sites that use WordPress also have the same folder name and path as the admin panel.
Now let's change this link structure;
In the folder path we will use the "Lockdown Wp Admin" plugin to simply change the link structure.
Lockdown Wp Admin Attachment
Plugin Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/lockdown-wp-admin/
To download and install quickly from the panel: We are watching Add / Add New. Remember to activate the plug-in after it is loaded.

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