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Localhost/mysql is a localhost mysql folder address. You can access to folder from http://localhost/mysql url address.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system. To fully understand what MySQL is, you should also know the terms database management system and relational database. Now let's continue by describing what these terms mean.
The database management system is described in Wikipedia as "Systems and software designed to define, create, use, modify databases and meet all operational requirements for database systems."
The relational database term can also be described on Wikipedia as "a database of relational databases composed of several tables of data. The data between these different tables is connected to each other by means of various keys. In the relevant tables, there is a key column between the columns. Through this key column, multiple table data can be linked to each other and displayed together in any query. "
MySQL is a dual licensed software. This means that both a free software with General Public License (GPL) and a separate license for those who want to use it in areas restricted by the GPL.
We also do MySQL transactions with the most common and standard language used to access databases, called SQL.

Where is used?

MySQL database, which is a powerful database management system, can be used easily in almost any environment. But it is the most used database especially on web servers, it can be used with many web programming languages like asp, php.

What Database Objects does MySQL support?

What are Table Types? Which Table Types do they support?

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