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Localhost 9000 is a localhost server access port number. You can login the port from http://localhost:9000/ url address. 9000 port number is special TCP Connection number on windows PC virtual networks.

localhost:9000 Server Connection Info

Now that we have learned about the open ports on our PC, how do we turn them off. We are starting port 9000 which is the most attacked port. Closing Portion Number 137,138,139, 9000: These are the ports that allow you to enter your computer in the simplest way. If these ports are open, you can easily access your PC via NetBios. To close, respectively; Network Connections (Right click) Local Area Connection (Right click) \ Properties \ Internet Connection Rules (TCP / IP). Then click the Advanced button Switch to the WINS tab, check Disable NetBOIS over TCP / IP at the bottom, press OK, and close our Ports 137,138 and 139.

Connection Status

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