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Localhost/wordpress is a localhost wordpress folder address. You can access to folder directly from http://localhost/wordpress url address.


WordPress is defined as "a content management system" in many definitions. What is the "content management system"? The content word in the content management system is the web page content you know. As you know, everything you write inside the "body" tag creates the content of the web page. If you are going to create a web site, you can design this web site by designing web pages. Web pages also have a "body" tag. These "body" tags are actually reflected in the visitors to the website.

Here you can do more with WordPress, such as updating, deleting, adding new content, adding images to your content, adding videos. WordPress can be the answer to this question, which is why it works. In short, WordPress is built for those who want to create a website, it has a sophisticated features and is a fast, secure and effective design. This system, created in 2003 by a 19-year-old named Matt Mullenweg, is again based on the world's most popular blog site structure. WordPress uses PHP language as programming. In addition, WordPress, which uses the open source codename "open source", can be installed and used for free. Nowadays, the latest version has been reached and developed up to version 4.8.2 as of today.

 Where is WordPress Used?

Although the predecessor is used for blog sites, WordPress has become available for all web systems later on. WordPress has become available for e-commerce systems, news publishing sites, booking systems, and more.
The structure of WordPress is actually very simple. The summary of the last added texts is listed in the home page, ie the opening page, as a blog. You can reach the detail sections of the texts by clicking the detail links in there. In fact, WordPress has two editable content. One is referred to as "Articles" and the other as "Pages". Pages WordPress is a constant, constantly structured content that will be stored in a static format. For example, structures such as "contact" and "about us" in a site are organized as "Page". Manuscripts are the names given to the constructions that will be created and listed in categories, which can be updated continuously. For example, news texts where new information published every day in a news site is included in the "Articles" section.

Wordpress What is it and what is it used for?

WordPress is available for many platforms. WordPress's most powerful part is that Google has a very popular structure. So the articles you add will be indexed quickly, so you can get to the target kit sooner. You may not need WordPress because your personal sites do not have many web pages, but if you are creating a news site, an article site, WordPress is a blessing for you. Because in WordPress you can easily add, edit, add pictures. In addition, WordPress is offered to users with a wide variety of plug-ins. It is also a great advantage that both WordPress is free and that many useful plugins are provided free of charge. To make your site interactive, WordPress add-ons are enough for you. Wordpress has a lot of users all over the world.

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