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"localhost/index.php" refers to the default web page of a web application or website that is written in the PHP programming language and running on a local server.

To access a PHP application running on localhost, you need to have a web server installed on your computer. You can install a web server like Apache, Nginx or XAMPP, which includes a web server, database server, and other tools necessary for running web applications. Once installed, you can start the web server and access the application in your web browser by entering the URL "http://localhost/index.php" in the address bar.

Here are the steps to access a PHP application on localhost:

  1. Install a web server like Apache, Nginx or XAMPP on your computer.

  2. Start the web server by running the appropriate command or using the graphical interface.

  3. Place the PHP files for your application in the web server's document root directory. In the case of Apache, this directory is typically located at "/var/www/html" on Linux or "C:\xampp\htdocs" on Windows when using XAMPP.

  4. Open your web browser and enter "http://localhost/index.php" in the address bar. This will load the default web page for your PHP application.

If everything is set up correctly, you should see the homepage of your PHP application. From there, you can navigate through the different pages of the application, interact with its features, and run its programs or scripts as intended.

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