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Localhost 8000 is a localhost server access port number. You can login the port from http://localhost:8000/ url address. Visit 8000. port number in your web browser. This is very easy on our web page command line. Iframe browser will help you.

localhost:8000 Server Connection Info

Lan IP Address: Enter the local IP address of the computer where your camera system is installed (the local IP address where you have provided the DVR). Protocol type: Select TCP. Lan port: Type the port number you want to open (the port numbers on your system's network menu that will open the port numbers). Actual port 8000: Enter the same port number you wrote in Lan port. Step: After entering the required information, click on the ENABLE mark for each and press the add button. Your transaction has been processed.
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HTTP HOST: localhosts.mobi
Port Number: 8000
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Date: 2020/01/25 15:14:50

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